Custom Trailers Built In Vicksburg, Michigan

Building custom cargo trailers is our dream job. We generally see getting a new trailer on the road as a three-step process – design, build, & deliver results. Our team has years of experience and we’re all committed to building every trailer with the structural integrity to last a lifetime. Whichever style you choose, quality comes standard.

When we sit down to talk design with clients, they usually come to us with a general idea of what they’re looking for. In order to get that vision on a spec sheet, we talk about what you’ll be hauling, and what you’ll want to do at your destination. If you’ve got a race car, we’ll explore open race trailers, stackers, and goosenecks. We want you to look ahead too. In this scenario, you might want to ask yourself if you’ll be adding another car in the future, how you want to handle tools, spare parts, and even fuel.

When we execute your design you’ll see the quality in every tight miter. Quality components coupled with quality work will bring your vision to life. If we’ve got your motorcycle trailer on the line, and you’ll be hauling to the track, we’ll be getting D-rings locked down and setting up your spare tire storage, maybe putting a tool cabinet in to make use of every last corner in your wedge front.

When you’re pushing your gear up the ramp and into position, you’ll have everything you want at your fingertips.

In the end, the best part of the process is when we deliver your custom trailer to you. Whether you come to us, or vice versa, we can’t wait to hand over your completed trailer. We know that once you’ve done your visual tour, hooked up your new cargo trailer, and slid your gearshift into drive, you’ll be hitting the road with the best custom trailer on the market.

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