Remove Worry by Hauling with a Cargo Trailer

Every trailer developed and built by Octane Trailers is the best of its kind, and our cargo trailers are no different. Able to haul whatever you need, the cargo trailer we offer is the best general-use option that we have available. With the same sleek design as our other, larger trailers, our cargo trailers not only give you the comfort of knowing your belongings are in a tough trailer, but your trailer will look great too.

A dependable trailer manufacturer

Every cargo trailer that we craft is made with our standard all aluminum tube perimeter frame, giving your cargo trailers the strong base they need to haul whatever you need without worry. With their screwless exteriors, our cargo trailers have a safe, flat design that cuts wind resistance for your drive and looks great too.

Never worry on the road

Our cargo trailers come with a limited warranty to give you the ease of mind you need when buying a new trailer. The trailers that we craft are hardy and dependable, but, we like to offer a limited warranty on our trailers to give you, the client, the best experience possible when buying a trailer. From the recessed flush lock on the side door to the LED tail and clearance lights, our trailers are designed for travel, and will get your cargo there safely every time.

Designed for you

Octane Trailers has one major focus with every project we take, and that’s customization. From the color paint your cargo trailer gets to the inner accessories, every cargo trailer is manufactured to be the one of your dreams. Able to haul vehicles or sets of equipment and tools, Octane Trailers can help you and your items get to any destination safely.

Octane Trailers are the team with years of experience that you need when hauling a motorcycle, ATV, race car, and more. We’ll bring your dream trailer to life and equip it with everything you need for peace of mind on the road.